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Acupuncture offers a holistic way to enhance overall bodily wellness as well as seek pain relief, stress reduction, and even tighter skin, by boosting the body’s innate healing processes.

A component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been clinically proven to successfully treat conditions ranging from anxiety, physical pain, nausea, as well as migraine headaches, depression, insomnia, and stress.1 This restorative treatment is well-suited for those with a specific pain point or injury, athletes who want to ease their fatigued or injured muscles, or those generally looking to decompress and boost general wellness to feel their best.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can improve bodily functions as well as promote self-healing by stimulating key anatomic points on the body. At the Bucky Body Center, our Acupuncture technique involves the insertion of tiny needles at these specific body points, which are commonly called acupoints or acupuncture points. The precise placement of the needles is aimed to realign the body’s energy force – known as the qi – and prompt a healing response.

Based on an ancient philosophy that views the body and the universe as two opposing forces—the yin and the yang—Traditional Chinese Medicine dictates that the body is healthy when these forces are in balance. Balance is created by a constant equal distribution of energy as it flows along specific meridians or pathways throughout the body. If this flow of energy gets blocked, however, it can cause illness, pain, and prevents your body from functioning optimally. Acupuncture is a type of physical body therapy that can open the flow of energy and promote the body’s natural healing response and stimulate healthy function through multiple physiological systems. By stimulating these internal systems, Acupuncture is efficacious at resolving pain, mitigating stress, improving digestive function and sleep, and restoring a sense of well-being2.

Why We Love Acupuncture

Relieve chronic pain

Reduce stress levels and relieve depression

Improve sleep and enhance overall wellbeing

Correct digestive function 

Ease tired or injured muscles

Reduce or eliminate migraines  

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About Vito Leva, L.Ac.

Vito holds a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Tri State College of Acupuncture in NYC. An expert in three distinct styles of acupuncture – traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling – Vito employs an advanced style of acupuncture that focuses specifically on releasing spasms and pain within your body with vast experience in treating sports-related injuries. It is through his unparalleled training and education in his field that Vito is able to bring his gentle touch and holistic approach to acupuncture to truly restore and heal bodies.

Vito Leva

Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture

  • Am I a candidate for Acupuncture? Acupuncture can be beneficial to a wide range of people. Individuals looking to recover or minimize pain, want to improve digestive function and sleep, or just want to take a more holistic approach to overall health, are good candidates .
  • Does Acupuncture Hurt? Most people report feeling very relaxed during Acupuncture treatments and do not experience any pain or discomfort as the needles are placed.
  • How many Acupuncture treatments will I need? The number and frequency of Acupuncture treatments differs for each person. While some individuals experience relief after just one session, others with more complex or chronic conditions may need to create a customized treatment plan with upped frequency. During your initial visit, Vito will create a personalized treatment plan that will include the number of expected treatments.
  • Are there any known side effects from Acupuncture? Acupuncture is safe, and has few known complications or side effects3. Additionally, Acupuncture doesn’t require any downtime following treatments, and causes no soreness at the insertion sites.
  • How long does Acupuncture take? Your initial Acupuncture evaluations and treatment can take up to one hour for Vito to determine the type of treatment that will benefit you the most. After the initial consultation and treatment, sessions generally take half an hour.

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