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FastVitaminIV is the most efficient way to deliver vital nutrients to your body for the ultimate whole-body wellness boost. Unlike other IV therapies, FastVitaminIV is a 60-second intravenous push created by Dr. Craig Koniver of Koniver Wellness that is clinically-proven amongst thousands of patients to be the fastest and most direct way to get minerals and vitamins into your bloodstream for 100% absorption. (Did you know that many of our daily supplements and diets can have absorption rates of just 20% or less?)

Why We Love FastVitaminIV

We love vitamin IV therapy because it offers many mental and physical benefits in just 60- seconds! In fact, it’s so fast and easy that many of our patients do it on their lunch break or include it in one of their other treatments at Bucky Body Center, like Compression Therapy or Red Light Therapy.

Specific benefits of FastVitaminIV include:

Improved Mood

FastVitaminIV can help boost mood and decrease feelings of anxiety or somberness. 

Better Sleep

FastVitaminIV includes nutrients that have been shown to improve sleep duration and quality as well as REM sleep.

More Energy

FastVitaminIV can help combat sluggishness with a mix of nutrients designed to combat exhaustion, lessen symptoms of fatigue, and provide a boost of energy.

More Effective Workouts

FastVitaminIV is ideal for athletes as it helps alleviate exercise-associated muscle cramps from working out to achieve a great level of hydration more efficiently and effectively.

Faster Exercise Recovery

FastVitaminIV promotes easier recovery for athletes by minimizing inflammation and providing nutrients that reduce oxidative stress associated with post-workout soreness.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

FastVitaminIV is beneficial for improving focus and memory, as it provides essential nutrients that generate cellular energy in the brain.

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FastVitaminIV vs. Traditional Nutrient IV Therapy

The biggest difference between a traditional nutrient IV drip and FastVitaminIV is that the nutrients in FastVitaminIV are more potent and longer-lasting. Moreover, traditional nutrient IVs require a large bag of water with added nutrients that drip into the bloodstream slowly whereas FastVitaminIV is able to administer all of the same nutrients in less than one minute, directly to the bloodstream, so that you can start enjoying the wellness benefits faster. 

In fact, FastVitaminIV is composed of 19 different critical nutrients such as magnesium, B-vitamins including dexpentathol, niacinamide, and methyl B12, as well as a blend of amino acids, including acetyl-L-carnitine, serine, glutamine, tryptophan, and tyrosine.

This 60-second intravenous push has been shown to achieve a more potent response in the body. Patients report feeling the effect for 3-7 days and because the treatments are so fast, patients are able to take advantage of the many benefits on a regular basis.

Fast Vitamin IV FAQs

  • Am I a good candidate for FastVitaminIV? FastVitaminIV is an ideal treatment for men and women of all ages looking to improve mood, energy levels, sleep, and athletic workouts and recovery.
  • Who administers the FastVitaminIV? Our FastVitaminIV treatments are administered by a registered nurse in an accredited medical facility for the safety and comfort of our patients.
  • Are there any side effects or downtime associated with FastVitaminIV? No.
  • Where will the FastVitaminIV be placed? FastVitaminIV’s are administered intravenously in the arm.
  • How long does FastVitaminIV take? FastVitaminIV treatments take just 60 seconds.
  • Where will my FastVitaminIV treatment take place? FastVitaminIV treatments take place in one of our comfortable and private treatment rooms at Bucky Body Center.
  • What other treatments can I combine with Fast Vitamin IV? We love to combine our IV Vitamin Push with other wellness treatments like Red Light Therapy or BallancerPRO Compression Therapy to give patients the ultimate healing and relaxing recovery experience.