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BUCKY Plastic Surgery

COVID Safety Measures

“Our Safety Standard” – Your well-being is our priority.

At the Bucky Body Center, we uphold the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency to ensure that the BBC experience is comfortable and enjoyable for all.  As a facility run by medical professionals, we will always make sure that our clients safety is paramount and have instituted advanced protocols so that we can deliver nothing but the best care and results.

We employ frequent, routine and high-powered sanitization practices daily. This includes Dyson air-purifiers, air filters, endless hand sanitizers, and the cleaning of every room before and after each appointment.

All of our medical staff will be wearing masks. While masks are not required for our clients, feel free to wear one to make yourself more comfortable. We always have extra if needed!

No crowded areas, here! Each of our treatment rooms are 100% individualized and our facility is over 1,000 square feet so we have plenty of room to safely accommodate guests

Our staff wear custom scrubs that remain at the BBC. That means all wardrobe changes happen onsite to minimize external exposure.

If you or a household member are sick, or have learned that you’ve possibly been exposed to an illness, please stay home! We will happily reschedule your appointment without cancellation fees.

We love staying in touch! All of our staff is available for virtual communication and consultations, pre- or post- appointment.