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DEXA Scan Body Composition Analysis

DEXA scan body fat composition analysis provides you with immediate, individual insights about your body – your fitness health, where your fat deposits lie and how much fat you carry with you, even your metabolism.

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Identifying your body fat composition is a key element to living a healthier, more functional  life and the first step in creating a strategic plan to help you achieve your peak wellness. Determining your hidden (and not so hidden!) fat deposits can help start your roadmap to your most effective health, fitness and body contouring program – and is now at your fingertips at the Bucky Body Center.

DexaFit Body Scanning

We understand that a clear understanding lays the best foundation for success, so we’ve invested in the world’s premier body fat analysis program with DexaFit’s DEXA scan to give you a comprehensive snapshot of your health. DEXA scan body fat composition analysis provides you with immediate, individual insights about your body – your fitness health, where your fat deposits lie and how much fat you carry with you, even your metabolism – using gold-standard, medical-grade technology. Best of all, you can continue to use DEXA throughout your personal journey to continue to track your progress and monitor how your health and body are changing. All it takes is an eight minute scan. No discomfort, no pinching, no guesswork. 

Why We Love DexaFit

DEXA Scan Body Composition Analysis combines the best aspects of medical professionals with the best elements of technology, offering high-quality, personalized insights. DexaFit Body Scanning’s extensive benefits that allow users to receive information that will help to:

Enhance athletic performance

Improve overall health

Optimize fitness routine

Visualize body composition 

Calculate total body fat

Augment and support weight loss plans

Additional Benefits of DexaFit Body Composition & 3D Scanning

  • Find out if fluctuations in weight are due to fat, muscle or bone
  • Obtain measurements for intra-abdominal and extra-abdominal fat
  • Get precise feedback that supports fat loss or muscle gains
  • Track your body’s response to your exercise routine and diet/nutrition plan
  • Discover your risk for osteoporosis with bone health and skeletal strength analysis
  • Learn about your “skinny fat” and sarcopenia risks, which can be important predictors of long-term cognitive performance
  • Identify other health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and more

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What to Expect During Your DexaFit Appointment

The DexaFit journey starts with recognizing a need for information. You want precise information about your body for a specific reason. This data could help you make decisions about what to eat, how to train, or what kind of medical practitioner can help you reach your health and wellness goals. At the Bucky Body Center, our experienced staff will show you to your private state-of-the-art treatment room. At that point, you’ll lay down inside the DexaFit machine for a relaxing and quick eight minute full-body scan.  At the end of your scan, you’ll receive easy-to-digest summary reports with evidence based insights about your body composition that will allow you to make smarter fitness decisions and track your progress with ease.

DexaFit Body Scan FAQ

  • How is DexaFit Body Composition Analysis and 3D Scanning different than BMI, Bod Pod, Bioimpedance, and hydrostatic weighing? DexaFit offers the most precise and technologically advanced body composition information compared to other methods, with a mere 1-2% margin of error, which other testing methods of BMI cannot guarantee. DEXA is FDA-approved and the most trusted method of body measurement, from both medical research and elite professional and university sports labs. Unlike other methods of body measurements, DEXA provides you with answers, not just estimates.
  • How do I integrate the data provided from my DexaFit Body Composition Analysis and 3D Scanning into my daily routines? Once you have your results, a Bucky Body Center provider will work with you to interpret your data and help you determine a plan to integrate your new wealth of specific health information to map out a strategy to meet your aesthetic and wellness goals. You’ll also receive access to DEXA’s fitness tracking platform where you’ll be able to review your stats and monitor your progress.
  • Am I A Candidate For DexaFit? DexaFit Body Composition and 3D Scanning is safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.