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Compression Therapy

The BallancerPro Compression Therapy Suit works directly to heal, soothe, improve and protect the body by targeting the lymphatic system in a relaxing, effective way.

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Internationally renowned Ballancer®Pro compression therapy is used to heal, improve, and protect the body. This soothing and relaxing compression therapy session in the Ballancer®Pro “suit” meets a variety of clinical, aesthetic, and athletic recovery needs in the comfort of one of our pristine treatment rooms.

What is the Ballancer®Pro?

The BallancerPro Lymphatic Drainage Compression Therapy works directly to target your lymphatic system – one of the most vital systems in our bodies that drains toxins, excess waste, excess fluids and correlates to our immune-health, too. Often, our body will appear swollen after an intense workout, an injury, or just a long, busy week, and compression therapy helps to keep swollen lymph nodes at bay to ensure a healthy lymphatic system functioning. The wave-like constriction and relaxation of muscles induced while in the BallancerPro suit helps to speed up your body’s ability to cleanse, detox, and eliminate stress making your body feel at ease and function at its best.

Why We Love Compression Therapy

Boosts immune system

Helps flush toxins

Reduces inflammation

Reduces swelling

Increases circulation and tissue repair

Eliminates stress and lowers cortisol levels

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Compression Therapy

Ballancer®Pro utilizes compression – soft and rhythmic massage techniques – in a state-of-the-art full body lymphatic drainage suit worn on a comfortable massage table that boosts your body’s overall health, reduces swelling, inflammation and soreness by increasing lymphatic activity.1 Compression therapy can be a stand-alone treatment and a routine service just for healthy individuals who want to always feel their best, as well as more therapeutic and remedial service after an injury or surgery to stop and reduce bruising and swelling.2 It also works well when performed with lymphatic massage, as MLD drains the lymphatic system and the compression therapy promotes healthy circulation for an optimal bodily recovery, relaxation and restoration.

Compression Therapy FAQ

  • Am I a good candidate for Compression Therapy? Compression Therapy is indicated for people of all ages looking to promote general and targeted healing and body restoration.
  • Is Compression Therapy safe? Yes, Compression Therapy is considered safe. 3
  • How long will my Compression Therapy treatment take? Ballancer®Pro offers gradient treatment modes and exact treatment times; your treatment time will vary depending on your individual treatment plan and goals, but most sessions last between 10 minutes and one hour.
  • Where will my Compression Therapy procedure take place? Your Compression Therapy session(s) will take place in one of the advanced treatment rooms at the Bucky Body Center on a massage chair.
  • Does Compression Therapy hurt? No, Compression Therapy does not hurt, in fact, most people enjoy the experience and find it similar to a gentle massage.
  • How many Compression Therapy treatments will I need? Each patient’s treatment plan varies according to their specific needs. Routine sessions to just maintain body optimal health is an option and we generally recommend at least two Compression Therapy sessions following any surgical procedure or injury. Compression Therapy can be used alone but is most effective in speeding up the healing process when used in conjunction with MLD.
  • What’s the difference between Compression Therapy and MLD? Compression Therapy uses a full body garment to apply gentle pressure on the body and reduce swelling by improving circulation. While MLD also reduces site-specific swelling, it is a targeted lymphatic massage done manually by a specially trained clinician to effectively clear lymphatic pathways. It is highly recommended to utilize both therapies in conjunction with one another for optimal results.

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