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Avéli Cellulite Treatment

Avéli is a revolutionary treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.

Despite exercise, a healthy diet, and a healthy BMI, many people struggle with areas of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. At the Bucky Body Center, we know how frustrating this can be and are proud to offer Avéli, a new innovative procedure that treats cellulite from the inside out. Cellulite is actually an issue that lies below the skin – it is the result of overlying certain areas of fat being pulled downward toward deeper tissues by connective bands that cannot be adequately treated with transient topical solution. With Avéli, we can now effectively and safely reach these connective bands below the skin’s surface with an in-office procedure that renders little downtime and delivers long-lasting, visible results for a smoother appearance.

What Is Avéli?

The puckered or “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite is formed when the fibrous bands that connect the skin to muscle tighten irregularly and pull down on the skin while the layer of fat below the skin is pushed upward. Avéli works by allowing the provider to identify and target these fibrous bands and release them from the surrounding tissues in real-time leaving behind smoother skin with no dimples. 

This advanced and effective treatment is performed in just one, in-office procedure that can take less than an hour, depending on how many areas are treated. While visibly smoother skin can be seen quickly after initial swelling subsides, most women see final results at approximately three months following treatment. 

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Benefits of Avéli Cellulite Treatment

Many patients love Avéli cellulite treatment because it can:

Is a minimally invasive treatment option for cellulite reduction

Requires little to no downtime

Reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs

Smooth the skin in treated areas

Offer long-lasting results

Candidates For Avéli Cellulite Treatment

Good candidates for Avéli are individuals with specific concerns about cellulite in the buttocks and/or thigh regions. It’s important that patients understand that Avéli is specifically intended to treat cellulite, and not skin laxity or localized adipose tissue or the bulges and/or pockets of fat that can be found in the thighs and/or buttocks. However, while Avéli does not treat skin laxity or fat deposits, it is complementary with treatments that do treat those common concerns such as microsuction, BodyTite, or AccuTite, which are offered and often performed in tandem with Aveli for total body rejuvenation.

Preparing For Avéli

In general, there is no preparation required for Avéli. During your consultation, your nurse or clinician will review all pre-treatment instructions which can include medications and supplements to avoid before and after treatment as well as additional medications and supplements to aid with recovery.

Avéli Recovery

Directly following the procedure, each patient is given instructions to follow that may include the following: 

  • Plan to have a friend or family member drive you home 
  • You can shower the day after your procedure, but bandages should remain on incisions for at least 48 hrs following
  • Avoid exercise or strenuous activity for one to two weeks following the procedure and return to activity progressively, at a rate that feels normal to you. Always remember: If it hurts, don’t do it. 
  • We will provide compression garments to wear during the recovery – your provider will detail how long you should wear these for based on the area treated for optimal results.

Avéli Results

Avéli shows results on all types of cellulite—soft cellulite, hard cellulite, and edematous cellulite—and visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs with full results seen three months post-procedure.

FAQs About Avéli Cellulite Treatment

  • Is any downtime required after Avéli? For most individuals, there is very little downtime necessary. In fact, most return to normal activities in 24-48 hours.
  • How soon can I start exercising after Avéli? We recommend avoiding strenuous activities for at least two weeks following Avéli cellulite treatment to allow the area to fully heal.
  • Does Avéli have any side effects? The most common side effects are mild pain lasting up to 24 hours as well as tenderness to the touch accompanied by bruising which subsides within approximately 30 days. Firmness to the touch in small areas, that is not painful or visible, can occur by typically resolves on its own over several months.
  • How soon will my cellulite improve after my Avéli treatment? You can expect to see results in the form of skin smoothing almost immediately following Avéli, once the initial bruising and swelling subsides. Full results are generally visible one to three months post-procedure.

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