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BUCKY Plastic Surgery

Treatment Packages

The Best Way To Care For Your Body Is To Care For It Regularly


The experts at Bucky Body Center have designed goal-oriented packages that combine restorative and refining treatments to optimize results and maintain lasting wellness. These packages target specific body goals and include full-body fitness programs, non-invasive body shaping, recovery, relaxation, and postpartum plans.

Purchasing a treatment package is your ticket to streamlined access and enhanced affordability in pursuit of your body and wellness objectives. Our packages offer reduced per-treatment costs and ensure you gain exclusive access to a detailed roadmap tailored to optimize your body’s appearance, sensation, and functionality. With packages you’ll also enjoy priority scheduling and additional perks designed to support your journey towards sustained well-being and peak performance.

Non-Surgical Modern Mommy Makeover

$5,500 ($9,500 value!)

The ultimate self-care package for the “Fourth Trimester!” Regain muscle strength, improve abdominal tone, tighten stretched skin, and reduce postpartum swelling with a series of medically proven non-surgical treatments. This 3-month plan will boost your body’s natural recovery process to help you get your body stronger and slimmer faster, and ultimately prevent or delay the need for more invasive “mommy makeover” treatments like a surgical tummy tuck in the future. Start as early as 6 weeks postpartum and get back to yourself (and your family!) quicker and better than before. Includes:

  • 8 Evolve Tone Muscle-Stimulating Treatments (Weekly)
  • 3 Morpheus Skin-Tightening Treatments (Monthly)
  • 2 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages (As Desired)

Additional Perk! All Modern Mommy Makeover patients can enjoy a complimentary Core Fusion Training Session & Nutritional Consultation with our Core Fusion & Nutrition specialist, Kim Jacobs, to help maximize and maintain your results in this new chapter. With an innate understanding of how the body evolves throughout different stages of life, Kim modifies her fitness & nutritional services to help guide clients through their multifaceted body evolution from the inside out.

Evolve PLUS

$3,000 ($600 in savings!)

Look & feel your best for your upcoming vacation, wedding, or special event with this 5-week, ultimate non-surgical body shaping regimen. This package includes:

  • 4 Evolve Tone & Tite Treatments
  • 4 BallancerPro Compression Therapy Sessions
  • 1 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Package

CoolSculpting PLUS

$2,400 ($950 savings!)

Eliminate unwanted, stubborn fat, and contour your body like never before.

CoolSculpting PLUS is a specialized series of body contouring treatments available only at BBC. This package includes:

  • 1 Dexa Scan
  • 4 CoolSculpting Cycles
  • 2 BallancerPro Compression Therapy Sessions

Functional Training & Core Fusion Training Packages

$250 comprehensive consultation + $1,000 for 10 sessions

When it comes to your body’s physical health and fitness, we believe that consistency is key. We’ve outlined results-driven and cost-effective private training packages so that you can commit to your best body with ease. Get educated on your body and enjoy a comprehensive consultation that includes DexaScan, 3D imaging, and more, so that you and your trainer can outline a clear and informed plan for your body goals. Plus, enjoy cryotherapy and red light at discounted rates.

EmpowerRF For Women’s Wellness

Packages Starting At $4,500

If you’re looking to restore sensuality and confidence, resolve undesired consequences of childbirth or the aging process, or address urinary leakage, EmpowerRF may be an ideal treatment for you. EmpowerRF is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any downtime. Women who are seeking to improve their intimate wellness can safely benefit from this innovative treatment here at the BBC.