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BUCKY Plastic Surgery


Core Fusion Physical Training

Achieve long, lean lines and restore balance with our expert fitness professional Kim Jacobs.

Experience Individualized Fitness Plans and Unparalleled Attention To Your Body’s Core Movements 

Kim Jacobs’ core-centric approach to fitness focuses on improving balance and stability to create a body that’s lean and strong. Her customizable training style combines resistance and flexibility training with integrated cardio for optimal health. With an innate understanding for how the body evolves throughout different stages of life, Kim specializes in working with pre- and post-menopausal women and modifies workouts to help each client reach their fitness potential. Kim mixes a variety of modalities within each workout including TRX, power plates, foam rolling & barre exercises. Her certification in nutrition also allows Kim to guide her clients for a healthy lifestyle to achieve their best body from the inside out.

Why We Love Core Fusion Training

Core Fusion training gives clients the ability to better core functional movements that help the body go through day-to-day life and more rigorous activity easily and healthily. Core Fusion training offers clients a guided way to:

Sculpt muscles in a way that looks natural for their body

Enjoy a custom fitness experience in a comfortable, private space

Improve body movements at a functional and elevated level

Improve health and overall physique

Boost endorphins and self-care