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BUCKY Plastic Surgery


Functional Training

Get targeted results where other training systems cannot with private functional training with our dedicated practitioner Andrew Krewatch.

There is no greater benefit than understanding your body: how it moves, how it feels, and most importantly, how to better it. Functional Training (FT) addresses the most basic movements in the body to stabilize the structure to move and feel most optimally, while also resolving the root cause of issues like knee pain, bad posture and hunched shoulders, low back pain, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, and more. You’ll learn to improve your breathing, improve hip and knee stability, improve your punching power, and get the best glute, quad and hamstring stretches and workouts.

Onsite Training That Will Change The Way You View Your Body

The Bucky Body Center is pleased to offer onsite FPT, with our dedicated practitioner, Andrew Krewatch. We offer patients a step-by-step approach toward building structural integrity—a critical strength that most humans have lost in the modern era of revolving group fitness fads with less individualized attention. We want to bring it back to the basics with completely individualized, private training sessions that offer the highest attention to detail on you and your body – your movement, your strength, your feelings, and your appearance.

Our trained staff at the Bucky Body Center have spent years assessing the way people move and look. Our Functional Training sessions emphasize training people to move in relation to the biological characteristics—such as standing, walking, running, and throwing—that all humans share. When you sign up for Functional Training at the Bucky Body Center, you’ll learn how to utilize these techniques to improve your results in how you use your body in its basic function but also in how you perform for larger life events. 

Why We Love Functional Training

FT provides relevant information and skills on how to create balance and strength within yourself. Functional Training offers participants practical ways to:

Create and maintain an individualized exercise regimen

Work one-on-one with a skilled provider in private, safe environment

Build muscle and drop body fat by maximizing your catabolic and anabolic systems

Minimize physical stress at a foundational level

Move efficiently and improve energy

Manage and alleviate physical pain

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Functional Training For Recovery At The Bucky Body Center

In addition to your overall wellness, FT can positively impact and help someone experiencing post-operative pain, chronic pain, or are recovering from an injury. During your training sessions you’ll learn: 

  • How to use fitness and physical therapy isolated to specific areas of the body, and retrain how you use those parts 
  • How to connect your brain and body to build sustainability of movement, using myofascial release 
  • How to create new patterns of muscle movement for improved flexibility, posture, balance, and strength
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to repattern your movements to mitigate injury, learn to move in a more cohesive, connected way
  • New ways to approach old issues – muscle tightness is a sticking point. Learn how to create results that last.

And since the Bucky Body Center is a one-stop-shop for a comprehensive body enhancement journey, your first Functional Training session is inclusive of some of our additional services and technologies so that you can begin your training with the highest level of information at your disposal – DexaFit Body Analysis, 3D Imaging, and more. Best of all, you can take advantage of our added pre- and post-workout recovery treatments like Compression Therapy, Red Light Stim, Cryotherapy and more, to ensure your body continues to work, feel, and look its best.